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About HKidsMove

About HKidsMove

Children who move well can explore their environments and learn better 

Active children are healthy and happy children 

What is HKidsMove

What is HKidsMove

HKidsMove aims to provide an accessible, available, and fit-for-purpose resource portal that would help teachers and parents plan activities for children to improve their movement skills and be physically active.  

There are many sources of such information online from other regions, but we aim to share ideas that suit the cultural nuances and environments for young children in Hong Kong.  

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Dr. Catherine Capio

a paediatric physiotherapist who specialises in motor development and physical activity of young children. 


Dr. Derwin Chan

a psychologist who has expertise in promoting positive health behaviours.

Ms. Irene  Chan.JPG

Ms. Irene Chan

an experienced early years educator who have special interests in sensorimotor aspects of development.   


Mr. Hades Ho

an educator who is now working on his dissertation in early child character development.


Principal Ho Mun Yan ,Cecilia

an experienced early years educator and administrator in Hong Kong, with special interests in sports and physical activity. 

Dr Andy Tse.jpg

Dr. Andy Tse

a specialist in skills acquisition, especially among children in the autism spectrum. 


Dr. Toby Mak

a postdoctoral fellow who researches motor control and how this applies across the lifespan.



School Partnerships

School Partners

Lock Tao Christian Kindergarten partners with HKidsMove for the implementation of our HMRF-funded research on implementing the movement guidelines for young children. You can see the write-up here.

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