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School Activities: Learnig Maths via activities

Here are some materials that teachers might consider to promote movement and physical activity of children.


      Active Maths


Our research team had worked with a partner kindergarten to develop active mathematics lesson plans for K2 children. We combined the learning objectives for maths and physical health, and piloted the activities in one class – “Active Maths”.


When we compared the pilot “Active Maths” class with another class who used the typical maths lessons, we found that the pilot class were able to accumulate more active time. The “Active Maths” lessons achieved the maths and physical health objectives, and also gave more active time for the children.


If you would like to try those “Active Maths” lessons, you are welcome to check them out here, set 1, set 2.


You can also view the videos that explain the lessons. If you go to the YouTube channel of this video, you will find other videos of "Active Maths" lessons.

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