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School Activities: Physical development

Here are some materials that teachers might consider to promote movement and physical activity of children.


      Teaching physical activity during pandemic


The current pandemic had been causing school disruptions and social restrictions. During the school disruptions, many teachers struggle with physical activities to incorporate in online lessons. This is especially concerning in Hong Kong, where our average homes are not that spacious, and our pupils doing online learning may not have big spaces.


Our team created a video for teachers during the time of school suspensions. To prepare yourself in case it happens again, you can check the video below.


                    Brain break and homework break chair movement


Let's energize your students via home!!

211217 - Sharing with teacher - Activities - PA.png


                     Falling Leaves Hitting


​Age: 4 or above

​Topics: Gross motor skills 2 - Able to pick up objects on the ground while running


1. To train the hand-eye coordination of children.
2. To train the responsiveness of children.








[ Download ]


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