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Resources: Home Activities 

Here are ideas for activities that can be done at home, and with parents, grandparents, or other family members and carers.


       Physical activities for children


There are three levels of physical activities: Light, Moderate, and Vigorous. In a day, children are encouraged to engage in a mix of activities at different levels. How can we distinguish the three levels?


Light intensity Indicator.jpg

Some examples of activities at each level are here. It is recommended that children engage in moderate and vigorous activities for a total of 180 minutes every day. But every move counts! So even the light activities are also helpful. Here are some ideas of activities for children at the three levels.

Slow walking.jpg

We also designed a summary poster.


      Activities during the pandemic


The current pandemic had been causing school disruptions and social restrictions. During the school disruptions, many parents wonder what children can do at home when it relates to physical activities. This is especially concerning in Hong Kong, where our average homes are not that spacious.


For some ideas of physical activities that you can do at home even with limited space, check the material here.


There are also numerous publicly available videos on YouTube that you can access and use with your children at home. See here for some examples:

3. HKidsMove Yoga Lessons

Our team had also designed a set of Yoga lessons, which could be practiced at home.

Lesson plan materials and videos on YouTube are listed as follow.


Lesson 1 (click here for lesson plan)

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